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Non exclusive license

after purchase, such graphics are also placed on the online store and it is possible to buy for other customers.

In this option, we provide graphic files in the closed option for editing. 

Exclusive license

2 years of exclusivity on the model, after the license expires, the design returns to our catalog, or we can buy it on attractive terms


In this option, we provide graphic files in the closed option for editing.

Full buyout license

otherwise known as an exclusive unlimited license. 

In this option, we provide graphic files in the version to be edited.

You can rely on our experience

- we co-create collections of many partners: from well-known Polish confectionery companies to small entrepreneurs.

Our company uses many different programs for graphic design both vector and bitmap. We help to choose the file format, and design charakter, so we can prepare the best design for a T-shirt or other clothing or textile fabric.


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We devote maximum attention to our customers,


which is why our graphic designers will always be happy to discuss and prepare appropriate projects so that all the necessary issues are agreed and confirmed before production.

In addition to custom designs, we also offer a catalog of ready graphic designs and prints for t-shirts and other clothing (blouses, dresses, pajamas, including patterns of prints for children). You will find there various designs for textiles. The catalog is available on-site at the company or in the electronic version.

Our catalog is designed to simplify the access of customers to our work, bring some inspiration and set up a good introduction to further cooperation. All patterns of prints are made to order, or we recommend some ready-made designs from our catalog. 

Vector graphics design:

Vector file is one of two basic forms of graphic files, in which the internal image is saved in the form of connecting points, defined by means of geometric figures. The above mentioned points are located in a mathematical coordinate system, so that the graphics saved as vector are fully scalable. This means that the image can be infinitely enlarged or its proportions can change without compromising the quality of the file. Each element is created by means of several features determining color, direction and position, among others. It is perfect for any illustration project, charts with data, icons or logos.

Seamless pattern design:


We design reportable patterns for knitted or crocheted fabrics. These graphics are designed in such a way that when multiplied in the x and y axes, they combine with one another, creating a pattern on the fabric.

  • We prepare the reporting pattern in the form of graphic enclosed in a rectangle or square. The graphic is reported in the X and Y axes.

  • The panel pattern is reported in the Y axis – it is designed to match the width of the fabric

Examples: knitted or crocheted pattern for women's blouse, bedding, curtain, fabric and textile.

Paprotka wzór.jpg
Hand-drawn graphic design:

Hand-drawn graphic means designs done manually, using selected drawing but also painting techniques. An increasing number of customers consciously opt for this type of graphic design for clothing, looking for something individual and original. We also have a soft spot for patterns on textiles, which are achieved through a combination of artistic forms and computer processing, where minor imperfections become a genuine value. Such a pattern is permeated with a human aspect, it is not created only by means of a perfectly working machine.

Designing illustration graphics for textiles for children:

Creating illustration graphics requires from the designer not only mastered technical skills and efficient use of line, but also a great sense of the specificity and character of the particular topic. Most often, we design watercolor or vector illustrations referring to the theme chosen by the customer. When choosing such a graphic for clothing, it is worth remembering that the young imagination is extremely absorptive, and the role of illustration, with which children come into contact most often, and which is the most stimulative to the child's imagination, acquires a special meaning. The illustration on the clothes can influence the child's sensitivity, it also requires from the child emotional and intellectual activity.


Designing graphics combined with photomontage:

We intensely surf the Internet looking of photos, images, graphics, which we consider to look good when duplicated on the large surface of fabric. When creating graphics for clothes, we use our own photos, photos available for free on the Internet, or we buy stock photos with an extended license for the customer. 

Do you want to make pattern designs collection?

We are happy to supplement your clothing collection –  we provide exclusive use of purchased graphic designs for clothing in Lodz and the whole country. 

In order to maintain the best quality and customer satisfaction, we care for the best understanding of the customer's needs and expectations. Our cooperation is based on personal meetings and we strive to understand the customer's expectations as much as possible.

We have our own, developed and proven creative brief, which tries to determine as accurately as possible your expectations regarding the work you entrust us with.