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We make pattern design for textiles

Our offer:

  • we design seamless patterns for fabrics

  • we design patterns on order

  • we design collections of designs for clothing and interior brands

  • we transfer clothing sketches to graphic programs

  • we're doing manual painti

Graphics for clothes

We create patterns for clothes and textiles, 

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Graphics for clothing and textile pattern design

We are perfectly aware that interesting prints make part of every clothing collection, and often play the role of the brand's trademark. Studio Projektow specializes in graphic designs for clothing and textile patterns.

Textile design is a process of creating patterns of woven, knitted and printed materials. What is important here is to know the technology and the specificity of fabric formation and the requirements related to preparing them for further production. Our studio specializes in design for both clothing fabrics (dedicated to various groups of recipients: children, teenagers, women and men, casual, sports) and decorative ones (wallpapers, interior textiles).​

Patterns for textiles
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Proces - how we create graphic designs for clothing?

The design process begins with inspiration. We intensely surf the Internet looking of photos, images, graphics that would visually draw our attention, and we verify  whether it will be possible to duplicate them on the large surface of the fabric.

Then we are thinking about how to translate our inspiration to the project. What should be simplified and what can be kept. Which elements will match well with one another.  We begin to combine our ideas and our customer's ideas into a well thought out, balanced, connecting pattern. Every little pixel counts here. We test different color solutions. Sometimes a new color completely changes the idea and character of the project. The size of graphic is also a difficult decision.

Only when we dispel all doubts, we transfer the pattern to the fabric (which also requires knowledge and particular decisions, because the fabric itself can change a lot. Some have specific weave texture, others a gloss, different feel, which will match or not with the particular pattern and color).